Opportunities with RUFS

Hashir Aziz

Incoming 2019/2020 President

Ronak Patel

Incoming 2019/2020 Executive Vice President

The Ryerson University Finance Society is excited to announce that we are hiring directors and associates for the upcoming academic year. If you believe you can contribute to the RUFS team and you are interested in being a part of a group of analytical yet creative thinkers, we strongly encourage you to apply. You must be a full-time undergraduate student at Ryerson in order to qualify. Being a Finance major/minor is not a prerequisite in order to be a part of the team. In fact, we encourage students from all departments and faculties to apply!

Please click here to view our hiring package (PDF)

Note: if the 'apply now' link returns a 'you need permission' error, please try logging into ONLY your Ryerson account (or log into your Ryerson account in Incognito mode)

Operations Director
ICC Director
ICC Associate
Events Director
Events Associate
Marketing Director
Marketing Associate
Communications Associate
Graphic Designer
Battle on Bay Co-Chair
Battle on Bay Associate
Corporate Relations Associate
Finance Associate