Acquisition of the Best and Brightest Finance Professionals

RUFS Sponsors will have exclusive opportunities network with a wide variety of hard-working, and talented students from TRSM with experience and knowledge in the fields of corporate finance, commercial banking, financial planning and much more!

Students of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

An uncertain future demands students with skills not traditionally taught in a university environment. We believe in adapting to the future, as much as you do. This is why through the many events that we hold, we are always looking for new opportunities to challenge and push students to think outside the box, and grow as future leaders.

Multi-Channel Brand Exposure

Relationships are a two-way street. We match the value our sponsors give to us. Sponsors that invest more into us, will receive more given back to them. From online brand exposure by social media, to physical exposure through delegate bags, we take brand exposure very seriously. All sponsors will have opportunities for strengthen their brand through multiple channels.

The Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS) is much more than just a student group on campus. We strive to give students experiences like none other. RUFS hosts events all year long in order to give students opportunities to apply the knowledge they’ve gained during their time at Ted Rogers. From networking events, to panels, to case competitions, RUFS is constantly inspiring students to further develop themselves personally and professionally. We seek to spread our drive and determination throughout the Ted Rogers School of Management.

Each year RUFS is expanding and bettering the services provided. The flagship case conference hosted by RUFS, known as Battle on Bay, started at humble beginnings 12 years ago. From being an internal case competition to now a nationwide case competition, RUFS has come a long way. Our students are able to practice critical thinking and present their creative solutions to the best in the industry. RUFS aims to support to students of today in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The Ryerson University Finance Society would not be able to continue supporting students without the support of our community. To our continuing partners: thank you. We are excited to continue building our relationship and working hand-in-hand with you to build a better future. To those who are interested in getting involved: welcome to our organization. We are enthusiastic and ready to build a partnership with you that will enhance both our organizations. We are extremely grateful for all the opportunities provided to us by the industry. Thank you so much for your interest in the Ryerson University Finance Society. We are looking forward to working with you.   



Ravneet Sohi



Throughout our history, partnership support has played a pivotal role in building and creating the events we hold for our fellow students. Your financial support and mentorship helps develop young minds and enables educational opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. It allows us to continue to provide effective events where students continue to grow by learning and gaining experience. Your partnership also helps to demonstrate your brand’s values and to engage our students with your brand. Without your support, our organization would not be able to connect our first-rate students with your company. Please take the time to connect with us in order to develop a partnership, with the forms below: