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TRFS hosts multiple events year round providing students opportunities to get a better scope of the finance industry while also being that bridge that connects various industry professionals with our brilliant students. From hosting SAF Month where we provide 1st & 2nd year students guidance about the Accounting & Finance industry, to hosting our very own Evening with Capital Markets in which well-respected professionals network with our most talented and curious students, to our annual school wide Junior Ace Case Competition, TRFS has something for all students.

September 14, 21, 28, 2021

SAF Month

SAF Month Day 1: Meet and Greet

The first event during the School of Accounting and Finance Month is a meet & greet involving the major student groups for accounting and finance. Students who attend have the opportunity to network with student leaders while learning about extracurriculars offered at TRSM.

SAF Month Day 2: SAF Day

Students will have the opportunity to learn more about both majors offered in SAF. Industry professionals, faculty members, and student leaders from both fields will be present at the event to share their experiences and provide a deeper understanding of what their work consists of. Students also have the chance to network and interact with those attendees throughout the event.

SAF Month Day 3: Case Day

SAF Month concludes with our annual SAF Case Competition which is open to all TRSM students. After receiving a lesson on how to properly cut a case, participants will compete in teams of four to cut a case and present in front of a panel of judges including faculty and senior students. This case competition will require participants to work as a team, display critical thinking and analytical skills, and ultimately apply their knowledge through experiential learning.

November 23, 2021

Industry Networking Night

Industry Networking Night is TRFS’s brand-new fall flagship event, which allows students to connect with recruiters and industry professionals before the general summer internship hiring period. This event gathers professionals from across accounting and finance in order to foster meaningful, professional relationships in an open environment.

March 17-20, 2022

Battle on Bay Case Competition

The Battle on Bay Case Competition was founded in 2007 by the Ryerson University Finance Society (TRFS) and is one of the most profound case competitions within the Ted Rogers School of Management. The three-day annual conference provides the opportunity for delegates to develop and apply their problem solving, communication, and financial skills to solve real-life financial issues incorporated in a comprehensive case. Delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of networking events, workshops, and social functions to create unforgettable experiences. The Battle on Bay team and TRFS members strive to provide delegates with plentiful opportunities to showcase and foster their financial knowledge and skills.


Lunch and Learn Series

In partnership with the SAF Advisory Board, TRFS hosts multiple Lunch and Learn sessions yearly. The project is based upon the idea of connecting TMU students with distinguished industry professionals who enlighten the students upon a topic that they are interested in pertaining to accounting and finance. Our esteemed guests provide students with unique practical information that they have learned over their illustrious careers. Our most previous session has featured guest Anil Passi; Managing Director of Consumer Communications and Real Estate at DBRS.

February 15, 2022

An Evening with Capital Markets

An Evening with Capital Markets is TRFS’ annual networking session geared towards 3rd and 4th-year finance and business students in collaboration with RIG. The top 50 students are selected to attend by the faculty advisory and career consultants at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

An Evening with Capital Markets aims to provide students with a platform to network with top industry professionals while establishing valuable connections with industry participants and potential hiring managers. Students also have the opportunity to learn about upcoming summer internship programs and job opportunities in Finance and Capital Markets.

Students will not only have a chance to network but also gain relevant insight, as these professionals are equipped with real-life experiences and vast knowledge of the industry.

TRFS ultimately hopes to provide students with lasting connections and a deeper understanding of the different avenues available within the immense world of finance.

January 28-29, 2022

Junior Ace Competition

The TRFS’ Junior Ace Competition (JAC) was created to bridge the gap between knowledge gained in the classroom and real-life situations. First and second-year students are provided with the opportunity to cut a case and present their solutions in front of a panel of industry professionals and course instructors.

JAC delivers a far less intimidating atmosphere than other case competitions while still managing to provide the same value for participants. JAC allows students to improve their communication, analytical, teamwork, and technical skills through experiential learning in a cultivating atmosphere.