Hashir Aziz


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Rajeesan Thevamanoharan

Executive Vice President

My name is Rajeesan Thevamanoharan and I am a third-year student pursuing Business Technology Management & Finance, and this will be my third year on RUFS. I had initially joined RUFS because I was unsure as to what I wanted to pursue as well as to improve my interpersonal skills and have a resume, but after one year the group had meant much more than that. I’ve developed skills that I never imagined I could gain in just one year. I came back as the Executive Vice President this year so my team and I can help students across Ted Rogers understand the different career opportunities available within the finance industry as well as to host successful events and workshops to help them grasp relevant knowledge. This year, I’m truly excited to grow closer with all my colleagues and continue hosting successful events together! There are many achievements I am most part of ranging from being apart of this wonderful family to being able to work hard alongside everyone to constantly help and guide students to achieve their goals. In addition to this, I have competed and won several case competitions where I leveraged what I had learned from my classes, and student groups in order to provide the best possible pitch. Outside of school, I enjoy playing a variety of sports, investing, and spending time with my family. My favorite place to eat at is Rudy’s Burger.

Ronak Patel

Executive Advisor

Hi! My name is Ronak Patel, and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Global Management Studies with a minor in Marketing. This is my third year on RUFS, and my time with this organization has been nothing short of spectacular. I joined the team in my second year to lead an active student-leadership lifestyle and give back to the student community around me. To no surprise, it has been one of the most professionally and socially progressing decisions I have made during my time at Ryerson University! I look forward to continuing my role as an executive on the team, and helping students of all ages and disciplines grow in any capacity that I can. One of my proudest accomplishments as a TRSM student is having the opportunity to compete and represent the school at several external conferences across Canada. Outside of school, my hobbies and interests include playing sports competitively, listening to music, creating artwork, and HAVING A GREAT TIME WITH FAMILY/FRIENDS! Oh, and I can out-eat anyone in a spicy ramen challenge…


Katlyn Varga

Director of Operations

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Daniel Sun

Battle on Bay Co-Chair

Greetings! As the current Co-Chair of Battle on Bay (shoutout Erik), I look forward to the conference and seeing us come together and celebrate. As RUFS's premier event, the experience is a cannot miss opportunity. RUFS elevates and continues to encourage, yet still, challenge Ryerson's future leaders. You won't find this experience anywhere else. About me, I am currently a third-year student majoring in the accounting co-op program and participating in Ted Rogers Top 200. My greatest academic achievement is being a back to back recipient of scholarships. Outside of RUFS, I love music (sometimes classical), fitness, cuisine, and everything in between.

Eric Wood

Battle on Bay Co-Chair

Hi! My name’s Eric Wood and I’m entering my 3rd year in the Law and Business program. This will also be my 2nd year on RUFS, who in my (slightly biased) opinion is one of the best student groups on campus both in terms of being a part of it as well as what it provides to the student population. In my role as Co-Chair of Conference I am really looking forward to pulling off Battle on Bay 2021, which is shaping up to be our most exciting year yet! Outside of work I do many things centred around my love of sports but at the moment I am actually learning how to DJ as I want to take my passion for music and turn it into a profitable venture. My favourite place to eat around campus is called Kaka Sushi and they have an meal combo special that is delicious, filling AND easy on the wallet!

Erica Martinez

Director of Finance

My name is Erica Martinez and I am a third year co-op student majoring in Accounting. I initially joined RUFS to simply be a part of a student group, but after a year with working the team I knew I had to return because of how much I grew as an individual and the great students I met. I am looking forward to the great new initiatives RUFS is implementing this year. One of my accomplishments was becoming PwC’s Campus Lead Ambassador for Ryerson. Besides work, I enjoy playing instruments and sports. My favourite place to eat is 168 Sushi!

Ashraf Teli

Co-Director of Events

My name is Ashraf Teli and I am a third year co-op student majoring in Finance. I decided to rejoin RUFS after being an events associate last year because of my passion and interest with the department I work with. I was exposed to the student group in my first year as a case pool member and haven't looked back since. I'm really looking forward to co-lead my department alongside Jatin to create engaging yet innovative events virtually. An accomplishment of mine is that I have successfully never watched The Lion King ever. Another accomplishment is that I successfully manage a small portfolio of stocks with my own money. Outside of RUFS, my favourite Netflix show is Stranger Things and I am an avid sports fan of the winningest team in the world, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Jatin Kumar

Co-Director of Events

Hi, my name is Jatin Kumar, and I am fourth year Business Management student here at Ryerson. I am majoring in Law and Business and this is my second year on RUFS. My journey with RUFS has been an amazing experience that not only has taught me many lifelong skills but also given me some lifelong friends. I joined RUFS as a way to get more involved-on campus and the group has given me plenty of opportunities to do so. This is going to be a very interesting year for RUFS along with every other student group here at Ryerson marked with new and unexpected challenges. However, as the Co-Events Director I can only hope to meet this challenge head-on. I am excited to announce that so far, we are doing just that and are even hoping to expand our marquee events list (Stay on the lookout, hint follow us on IG). For instance, we are collaborating with the CSRSA this year for an Impact Investing Workshop. Outside of RUFS, I’m working on trying to make my way to Law School and improve myself by learning new skillsets. Whether that be learning how to cook or code I try to improve myself little by little. On a more joyful note, if you’re looking for food recommendation near Ryerson, I am definitely your guy, one of my go to favorites with friends is Kyoto House.

Pamela Da Silva

Director of Marketing

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Ali Alibhai

Director of Corporate Relations

My name is Ali Akbar Alibhai and I am a third year student majoring in finance, and this is my second year on RUFS. I decided to join RUFS mainly because of an advisor at the BCH who told me it would help with my resume and development, but the group means so much more to me than that. This year, I look forward to taking the corporate relations team further than before while adapting to COVID-19 in our daily lives. I’m also excited to grow closer to the team and collaborate with all of our new members! One achievement that I am proud of during my time at Ryerson is winning my first case competition with a team of my peers on RUFS, it was truly a memorable experience. Outside of school, I enjoy going out with my friends, playing sports, and keeping up with fashion. My favourite place to eat is Top Gun Burger.

Krista Elisha Chavez

Director of IT

My name is Krista Elisha Chavez and I am a third year student majoring in Finance. This is my second year on RUFS and I decided to join because of the professional experience and the wonderful people. I look forward to being the best team this student group has had so far! One accomplishment I've achieved is being a part of the President's Circle of Scholars in both my first and second year. Outside of work, I enjoy writing music and playing instruments. I also enjoy riding in the back of a motorcycle and inside the sidecar whenever I'm in the Philippines! My favourite place to eat is Red Lobster.


Jainika Patel

Battle on Bay Associate

Hello! My name is Jainika Patel and I am a fifth year student majoring in Finance. This is my second year on RUFS and without a doubt I decided to be part of the team again that allows me step out of my comfort zone and be able to work with incredible peers. This year I am looking forward to Canada’s biggest finance case competition, Battle on Bay being a success for the 14th time in a row. One accomplishment I’ve achieved is being a BUS 100 facilitator in my second year. Outside of work, I spend my time hiking and painting. My favourite netflix show is Grey’s Anatomy.

Czarina Mae Galario

Battle on Bay Associate

Hello! My name is Czarina (pronounced za-ri-na) Galario and I am a second-year Accounting co-op student in the School of Accounting and Finance program. I decided to join RUFS during my first year as a general associate because I wanted to be more involved in the TRSM community and meet new people. As a general associate, I cross-collaborated with different departments and assisted planning numerous events. I am currently looking forward to be a part of such an amazing team yet again as a Battle on Bay Associate this year. Not only are the RUFS members great teammates, they also took on the role of friends, mentors, and leaders. One of my biggest accomplishments thus far is continuing to be involved around the school and becoming a mentor for first years. Outside of RUFS, you can usually find me in one of the TRSM breakout rooms with my friends. Besides work, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, trying new restaurants, and going to new places. I currently am watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and my favorite place to eat is Chi Chop!

Amir Kemal

Battle on Bay Associate

Hi! My name is Amir Kemal and I am a second year Accounting co-op student and this year is my second as a part of the RUFS team. I joined RUFS in my first year because I wanted to become an active member of the school community and get involved, but it was important for me to choose a group where my values and interests were aligned with that of the groups. I found out about RUFS by attending multiple events, networking with many team members and getting to know them, which helped me understand that this was the team I wanted to be a part of, and thankfully the hiring team agreed. As a general associate last year, I was exposed to many learning opportunities and experiences all which will help me, alongside the Battle on Bay team, to carry out a successful conference this year. Outside of school I enjoy playing and watching soccer; I am a die-hard Arsenal supporter (Come on You Gunner!). I also really enjoy playing poker (Texas Hold ‘em) with my friends and family. One of my favorite places to eat is a small shawarma joint called Chamsine, which is near the Ryerson campus. My favorite shows of all time are Power and Game of Thrones.

Michelle Kwan

Finance Associate

My name Michelle Kwan and I am a second-year business management student majoring in Global Market Studies. I am rejoining RUFS after being a General Associate in first year because of all the friendships, professional development, and growth I have gained by being a part of an amazing group of like-minded individuals in first year! I look forward to continuing to grow even further as the finance associate and helping to organize events that help enrich the Ryerson Finance community. One accomplishment I have achieved is making the dean’s list this year! Outside of work, I love to try new foods, do yoga, and catch up with friends. My favourite show on Netflix is Young Justice.

Sylvia Gehring

Financial Analyst

My name is Sylvia Gehring and I am a second-year co-op student majoring in Finance. I joined RUFS because I wanted to be more involved in student groups, have a positive impact on the TRSM and Ryerson community, and develop my professional skills. I look forward to working with the team to overcome obstacles and make this the best year yet! One of the accomplishments that I am most proud of is being part of the President’s Circle of Scholars in both my first and second year. I enjoy volunteering my time to donate facemasks to people in need as well as playing basketball in my free time. My favourite place to eat is the Yonge Street Warehouse!

Myles Blair

Financial Analyst

Hi, my name is Myles Blair and I am an Economics and Management Science Major at Ryerson University. I joined RUFS as a way to step outside of my comfort zone as well as learn skills that will help me be a successful team member in my future career. This year on RUFS, I look forward to playing my part in helping RUFS have a successful academic year. Outside of work, I am an avid skateboarder and enjoy gaming as well. I am not much of a Netflix person but as of right now my favourite show would have to be You.

Parth Chaudhari

Events Associate

Hi there! My name is Parth Chaudhari and I am back for a fifth year majoring in Economics and Management Science along with a Finance minor. I decided to rejoin RUFS because of the respectful hardworking environment and joy that comes from building stronger connections with my members. This year I’m looking forward to make more of an impact and carry more of a role in the events department. I’d like to say one of my accomplishments that i’m proud of is for putting my self out there and being more involved with my school. Outside of work, I love to listen, sing, write and produce music as well as compete in local basketball leagues. One place I found my self going back to with my friends after class was Queen street Warehouse!

Mikhal Benderski

Events Associate

Hi! I'm Mikhal (pronounced mi-hal) Benderski and I'm a second-year Accounting student at the School of Accounting and Finance. This is my first year on RUFS and I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to further develop my professional skills all while advancing my understanding of the Finance profession. Moreover, I want to be able to help provide such opportunities to other students and help bridge the gap between them and the finance industry. I first discovered RUFS via Megan's "Opportunities and Events" email when multiple student groups were hiring, and I decided to give it a try and apply to be an associate, giving me a chance to be more involved within TRSM, seeing as many of my peers were already doing so. Luckily, I got in, and here I am, ready more than ever for an incredible, and as my director Jatin mentioned, a very interesting year, especially for the Events dep.! In terms of my biggest and proudest accomplishments, it's got to be being involved more than ever at school, as well as being a first year mentee and now a mentor to incoming first year students as part of the Breakthrough Program, and the Ted Rogers International Exchange Network (TRIEN)! In my free time, I'm an avid swimmer, having competed in various meets, at various levels, and you can often find me swimming accross the lake in the summer! I also love to paint using my favourite medium, oil paint, as well as working with my mom to design various living spaces, all while listening to George Harrison! Eating out with great company is my favourite thing to do, especially at Cafe Landwer, the best spot for Mediterranean/Italian food!

Aryan Tabiban

Corporate Relations Associate

Hello! My name is Aryan Tabiban and I am a second-year Finance Co-op student in the School of Accounting and Finance. This is my second year on RUFS, and my experience team on the team has truly been one of the most fulfilling components of my university experiences so far. I initially joined RUFS because of my interest in Finance but I can now confidently state that RUFS has become much more than just a source of finance knowledge for me. I am looking forward to understanding the impact of COVID-19 on our partners and identifying the new opportunities that lie within the challenges of this period. Outside of work and school, I am a sports enthusiast and a devoted learner. I enjoy thought-provoking discussions with my peers and am always looking for ways to strengthen my values. My favorite place on campus would have to be the breakout rooms or the SLC for when I need to get some work done!

Muhammad Ali

Corporate Relations Associate

I am a 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) candidate majoring in Finance. This year marks a complete year on RUFS. My desire to join RUFS was fueled by the need to learn Finance-related skills on an extra-curricular basis alongside like-minded students. When it comes to vibing with your peers, Student groups are like the lottery. Luckily, this group has all winning numbers! This year my role entails working alongside peers in the Corporate-Relations department - working together to form meaningful connections with sponsors to heighten what our team can achieve. Being experienced in face-to-face and B2B marketing, everyday is an opportunity to apply my skills and adapt to the challenges this uninvited pandemic has brought. Some things I enjoy are playing the piano, weight-lifting, socializing, and getting 8 hours of sleep.

Adam Thomas

Corporate Relations Associate

My name is Adam Thomas and I am entering my 4th year of Accounting. This will be my second and last year on the team. I joined RUFS because of an interest to learn more about the opportunities that finance presents and to challenge myself to develop as a professional. The Corporate Relations role is an amazing opportunity to develop one’s confidence and communication skills with industry professionals and other passionate individuals. I am really proud to be part of RUFS because we are not just a team, but a family (Excuse my cheesiness). Apart from academics and RUFS work I enjoy watching Soccer (Visca El Barça), UFC, cooking, working out, and listening to music. My favorite place to eat around campus is Assembli (who doesn’t love pizza).

Amara Qamar

Corporate Relations Associate

Hey! My name is Amara Qamar and I am a second year student as a Finance Co-op student! This is my first year on RUFS as a corporate relations associate, and I joined the team because I wanted to get more experience, build professional relationships and make friends on campus! Although its only been a few months, I am eager to do my best and stay on the team and be part of all the amazing events and workshops RUFS offers! Being part of the team has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and be more confident when reaching out to professionals. I love studying and being on the grind but aside from school, I love making memories with friends, working out, drawing, travel and learning new things! I am a big foodie so picking my favourite place to eat is definitely a hard one but I love eating at California Sushi or Blaze Pizza!

Dominika Lipowski

Marketing Associate

My name is Dominika Lipowski and I am a fourth-year student majoring in Marketing and minoring in Retail and Service Management. This is my second year on RUFS, I decided to rejoin because of the amazing industry knowledge the group provides, and of course because of the wonderful team. I am looking forward to implementing a variety of marketing metrics into several new initiatives this year. One accomplishment I am post proud of is being part of the Dean’s List. Outside of work, I love adventure so you can find me skiing or camping. I have too many favourite Netflix shows, one of them is Money Heist!

Melissa Qubti

Marketing Associate

My name is Melissa Qubti and I am a fourth year co-op student majoring in Marketing. I decided to join RUFS because of the amazing people on the team and the wonderful experiences. I look forward to being a part of the many exciting events held by RUFS this year. One accomplishment that I have achieved is being on the Ted Rogers Dean’s List in my first, second and third year. Outside of work, I enjoy playing the guitar and singing. My favourite Netflix show is The Office.

Klaidi Shehi

Marketing Associate

Hello, my name is Klaidi Shehi and I am a second year student majoring in marketing management at Ryerson. This is my first year on RUFS. I decided to join the organization because I want to gain out of classroom experience while also being able to network and build long lasting connections with fellow classmates. I had heard about how strong the group dynamic was at RUFS while also being leaders in the industry of finance at the University and saw the opportunity to share my skills and experience with them. This year on RUFS, I intend on helping the group grow their online and on campus presence while also helping us reach and make connections with new students at Ryerson. Outside of school I like to play and watch soccer and also like going for jogs, binging shows and finding time to hang with friends and family.

Sujiban Sribalan


My name is Sujiban Sribalan and I am a fourth-year student majoring in marketing at Ryerson University. I joined RUFS because of all the positive things I have heard about the group from previous members as well as the opportunity to learn and meet new and like-minded individuals at Ryerson. This year I am looking forward to all the events and marketing RUFS to students of Ryerson in a fun and interactive way. My greatest accomplishment to this date must be having the courage and confidence to start my own photography business. Outside of school I am passionate about photography and I love to play sports and staying active. My most recent favourite Netflix show is Money Heist and a show that I could always re-watch without getting bored must be Breaking Bad.